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Workshop Plans & Manuals for the Do-it-Yourself Handyman, or Woman!

Fix It, Build It, – Do It Yourself Plans and Manuals

Do-it-Yourself Build-it-Yourself Plans and Manuals

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Build It Yourself Air Cannon Design Plans

Air Cannon Plans

Build it Yourself air cannon plans are easy and fun to assemble. Components, supplies and materials can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Build it Yourself Moonshine Still Plans

Moonshine Still Plans

Do it Yourself, build your own alcohol moonshine and fuel stills with fabrication and assembly instructions for distillation apparatus modules.

Build It Yourself Log Splitter Design Plans

Wood Splitter Plans

CAD software designed  wood splitter plans contain full fabrication and assembly instructions along with materials and components list.

Do it Yourself Yamaha Service and Repair Manuals

Yamaha Workshop Manuals

Over the years, Yamaha has produced many adult toys to play on, and we have the workshop service and repair manuals to work on them.

Do it Yourself Mercedes Benz Service and Repair Manuals

Mercedes Benz Manuals

Classic Mercedes Benz service and repair workshop manuals offer coverage for bumper to bumper mechanical diagnosis and service.

Do it Yourself BMW Service and Repair Manuals

BMW Workshop Manuals

BMW has provided many classic cars and motorcycles over the years and we have the vintage workshop manuals for service and repairs.